Activations That Engage Fans, Wow Sponsors, And Sells Inventory

These are the inventory we easily add into your monthly packages. Turn your game day into a digital playground. 


Digital Scratchers

How do you grab your fan's attention during pre-game, the 2nd period, or on a Thursday at 5pm during the off-season? Nothing grabs attention like scratching your way to some amazing prizes.

Scoreboard Games

We turn your scoreboard into an interactive asset with the fan's phone. With race games & trivia we engage fans while opening up valuable in-game sponsorship assets.

Fantasy games screen@2x.png

In-Game Fantasy

Imagine having your own custom fantasy experience for fans new & old. Our in-game fantasy activation allows you to capture fans live on game day. Fans pick players throughout the game and compete with other fans in the stadium.

Loyalty games screen@2x.png

Loyalty Programs

Reward fans for being there with badges & points after checking in at the game. Fans can use points earned on teams & sponsor rewards.


Gameface AR Screen@2x.png

GameFace A/R

Think A/R is out of reach for your team? Think again. With our GameFace A/R activation fans take pictures and add team & sponsor stickers and filters to share on social media & beyond.

Prediction games screen@2x.png

Prediction Games

For those who don't want to go the live fantasy route we have a perfect alternative with our prediction game. Fans make predictions on team stats and compete with fans in the arena and at home. This is great for college programs.


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