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Connect Fans to Amazing Audio Content & Sponsors with YOUR own alexa Skill

Let SQWAD help you connect with the new digital fan and manage your Alexa skill.

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We build and manage your skill for you.

SQWAD works with you to structure the content you want, build the skill, and manage the audio files. All you have to do is upload the new audio to our Dropbox Folder. Easy.

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How it works? Fans Simply say 

Alexa, launch the [Your Team] Game Recap (or whatever audio content you would like to feature)

into their Amazon Alexa enabled products.

With an Alexa activation you can offer fans exclusive sponsored audio content like:

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Coaches Corners

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Live Radio Broadcasts

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Game Recaps

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Player Interviews


Create a Valuable Sponsorship Asset

With your own voice activation you can reach fans while at home, in the car, and even at work seamlessly with a simple command or sentence. With this wide array of places to activate you can link sponsors to the content and connect them with fans.

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