• Build relationships with fans and grab attention in your arena

  • Open valuable sponsorship inventory ($100K for the Portland Winterhawks)
  • Earn fan insights & build your list to drive sellouts

Try our scratchers activation by pointing your 📱 camera at the scoreboard below👇, just like a fan would at your game.

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Earn fan insights to build your list & maximize ticket sales

70% of contacts collected are new fans

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Monetize the energy of your arena by building a relationship between fan, team, & arena

"SQWAD engages our fans while giving us tangible ROI in ticketing & sponsorships"


Kenny Dow

VP Marketing Seattle Storm



Activate Your Fans & Game Day

With SQWAD scratchers you can grab digital attention in your arena during halftime, pre-game, and even in the off season. Build strong relationships through digital activation.


Easily Integrate

Scratchers is a web app that can easily integrate with your game day through:

  • Scoreboard

  • App & Website

  • Social Media Outlets


Build Your List

When you engage fans digitally you earn insights & trust. Reach Sponsor-vana by connecting fans & brands digitally and earn valuable fan insights to drive sellouts.

  • $100K+ in sponsorship value added to the Portland Winterhawks
  • 70% of fan insights collected are new to team's ticket CRM
  • 80% redemption rate at sponsor locations for digital coupons earned on SQWAD activations.

All at $800/Mo. Cancel whenever.

No year long contract or commitment. We are flexible to help you hit your needs with this activation.

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