SQWAD is the sponsorship solution you've been looking for.

At SQWAD our goal is to help you reach your sponsor's digital needs and drive sponsorship revenue for your team through easy to use and engaging activations. See how we use our digital activations to grow your fan base and bottom line.

Fan Engagement

A fan's phone is the most valuable real estate in your arena or stadium. SQWAD’s branded interactive games engage the fans’ passion and attention at a time when traditional forms of engagement methods are failing to deliver returns.  

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Digital Sponsorship Activation

In a world where fans can stream every game at home and binge highlights on social media, you have to hold their attention or something on their phone will.

Digital sponsorship activations can smooth things between fans and sponsors.  

In Stadium Advertisement 

In-stadium advertising has to do, rather than simply being seen. It has to do something for the fans, improving their experience in some tangible and emotional way. Digital activations aren’t rendering static signage obsolete: static ads were already there.