Motorsport Sponsorship Activation

Motor Racing Network connects over 11,000 listeners & track attendees with sponsors through SQWAD's Live Poll

With SQWAD's Live Poll activation the Motor Racing Network was able to reach their sponsor's goal of connecting with their fans digitally and generating leads for the organization from 38 race tracks across the country. With the new asset the team was able to drive more revenue from the partner.

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The Challenge

The Motor Racing Network was looking to offer listeners and track attendees a way to connect digitally with the live race both at the track and listening on the radio stream.

The network also had sponsors looking to engage with their listeners digitally each week.

This was particularly difficult as each week the race was at a new track with a new scoreboard for display.

“We had used another vendor in the last couple of years with a similar product, but the quality of fan wasn’t there. With SQWAD our partner interaction has gone way up, we have leads to share, and the engagement of our core listenership has gone way up.”

Chris McKee - Director of Business Development - Motor Racing Network

Solution: Live Poll

By working with SQWAD on integrating our Live Poll, Motor Racing Network was able to create a dynamic mobile activation that captured fans attention digitally at the race track and on the radio broadcast, collect their email for lead generation, and offer a way for fans to connect with each race on their mobile device.

The activation allowed MRN to reach their sponsor's goals for partnership and close more revenue for the team with an additional digital asset.

Results 11,000+ leads generated for the partner and network

  • Awareness of sponsor around the track each race
  • Over 600,000 poll predictions chosen by fans
  • 38 different race track locations activated at
  • Upsold sponsor to drive package revenue with the new asset

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