OKC Dodgers drive over 1,500 leads in one month for sponsor with SQWAD Mobile Scratchers

With SQWAD's Mobile Scratchers activation the Oklahoma City Dodgers were able to reach their sponsor's goal of connecting with their fans digitally, generating leads for the organization, and distributing offers to fans. With the new asset the team was able to drive more revenue from the partner.

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The Challenge

The Oklahoma City Dodgers were looking to close a major sponsor who had a sponsorship goal of connecting digitally with their fan base in th ballpark while driving leads for the organization.

In addition, the sponsor was looking for ways to drive potential buyers to their brand with coupon offers.

The team needed a way to reach fans digitally, collect email leads, and easily distribute partner offers to their fans in the stadium.

"Overall, it [Mobile Scratchers] was great for brand awareness because we would promote it in the middle of the game and we’d promote it in between innings. We would have a PA announcement and a live video board broadcast encouraging our fans to participate in scratchers. Immediately following, we would see direct results from the people that were actually playing in-stadium."

Nick Gates - VP of Partnerships

Solution: Mobile Scratchers

By working with SQWAD on integrating scratchers, the Oklahoma City Dodgers were able to create a dynamic mobile activation that captured fan's attention digitally, collect their email for lead generation, and distribute partner offers during their game. The activation allowed the Dodgers to reach their sponsor's goals for partnership and close more revenue for the team with an additional digital asset.

Results 1,500+ leads generated for the partner and team in one month of activation

  • Awareness of sponsor around the stadium each home game
  • 1.200 sponsor coupons distributed to fans for redemption
  • Upsold sponsor to drive package revenue with the new asset

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