Powerful & engaging digital activations

SQWAD makes capturing fan attention and activating sponsors digitally during your games easy and dynamic. Empower your team to seamlessly launch, promote, and scale digital engagement.


Grab Attention Pre-game with Digital Scratchers

What's better than scratching your way to team & sponsor prizes? Our digital scratchers activation allows you to capture fans during pre-game, halftime, and even in the off-season through social media.

This activation is great for sponsors looking for couponing & driving in-store purchases.

(Best if played on your phone, as with most digital activations)


Engage during breaks with Scoreboard Trivia

What's the first thing that fans do when your game stops between quarters or periods? They look at their phones. Grab their attention with a fun trivia game that allows them to answer questions on their phones and win prizes for correct answers.

This activation is great for sponsors looking to capture attention in-stadium. Think of it as in-stadium signage 2.0.


Gamify your crowd with live fantasy

Bring fantasy sports to your arena and fan base. Fans pick players live during your games and gain points when they rack up stats. Top scores in the game earn prizes.

This activation is great for sponsors looking for full season engagement with fans.


“The unique top line fantasy game has made our app more than just a shortcut to our website, it’s a must have for our fans.”

Paul Branecky - VP of Communications Charlotte Checkers



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