No More Boring Sponsored
"Photo Of The Game" Posts

How much value do those post-game photos really bring to fans & sponsors?
Add a more engaging experience to your "player of the game" with SQWAD's Photo Scramble activation.

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Why just post sponsored photos when you can let fans unscramble them for prizes?

We thought the post-game "photo of the night" assets were we built an experience that brings engagement, drives leads, and proves value with your sponsors

Fans unscramble the photo by moving tiles with their finger. The first 100 fans (or whatever you set it to) to solve the puzzle wins a prize or sponsor offer via email.

See it in action below👇

Bring new value to your post-game sponsored photos

Sponsored post-game photos on social media are great... but they aren't too engaging. With SQWAD's Photo Scramble activation you can make the post an interactive experience for fans.

  • Sends digital offers & coupons to winners
  • Earns leads for re-targeting
  • Builds brand consideration through engagement
  • Launch anywhere, our web-app can be easily added to your social accounts, app, or website

Build urgency & engagement after the game ends

After the game, sometimes fans tune out. For our sponsors...this won't cut it. We need to find new ways to keep them engaged with your sponsors even after the action cuts out.

With Photo Scramble the first 100 fans who unscramble the photo win a prize. Its a race for fans to be the first to solve it. This builds urgency and a fun way to keep your fans connected with sponsors after the game.

Drives leads & sales for your sponsor

No more relying on awareness & impressions to cut it as proof of value. With Photo Scramble you can earn leads and drive sales with sponsor offers.

On average, our activations have a 56% in-store redemption rate on the offers won by fans.

Build, launch, & manage
your activation in minutes

Match With
A Sponsor

Have a "player of the game" photo sponsor? Add Photo Scramble into their package. When the client closes, we start working with your team.

Create & Customize
Your Experience

Easily create & customize your contest with your team and sponsor branding on our admin for an amazing branded experience.

Post Anywhere
To Reach Fans

Share the contest directly by posting a link into your mobile app, posting on social media, or showing on your scoreboard.

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