Turning halftime into its own game time for RSL.

Halftime doesn't have to be downtime. You can make it just as exciting for fans as the action on the pitch. SQWAD helped Real Salt Lake reimagine their halftime with a trio of activations that brought value to their sponsors.

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The Partnership Goal:
Filling the downtime on match day with activities that connected fans to sponsors.

The soccer ball flies across the pitch as we are deep into stoppage time before the half. The midfielder sends a ball into the box where a perfectly timed header bounces past the keeper to kiss the back of the net.

The stadium explodes. The home team is up headed for halftime. Fan emotions are high, they're jazzed.

The halftime whistle blows...now what? How can we keep the fans connected and participating throughout the break in the match? This was the goal of Real Salt Lake when they approached SQWAD. To turn their downtime into an engaging experience.

RSL turned halftime into an engaging experience for fans that connected them with their team partners. A win-win.

With the implementation of 3 activations; Scratch & Win, Trivia, & Prediction we were able to work with the club to turn halftime into an exciting moment of the matchday experience.

Fans saw the activations on the scoreboard and scanned a QR code to instantly play. No extra app download required. The activations were also utilized on their social media platforms and team broadcast for maximum reach.

From there they entered an email to register and played engaging games sponsored by team partners to increase connection throughout halftime. When they won, they were sent their prizes & offers via email for easy redemption.

Watch the full experience below.

Fans loved it so much, they shared their experiences on social media.

The goal for any sponsor is to stand out and build connections with fans. With the activations, Real Salt Lake and its partners were able to create moments that pulled fans in and encouraged them to share their experiences.

Real Salt Lake posted the activations on their broadcast to maximize sponsor reach.

Only about 10% of a team's fan following ever step into the stadium in a year.

With the help from SQWAD, Real Salt Lake was able to add their prediction activation onto their broadcast to help their partner reach fans at home.

"Through SQWAD's digital activation platform, we were able to provide our fans at the stadium with the Scratch and Win promotion that ran from our scoreboard, broadcast, and social media accounts.

Our sponsors were very pleased with the robust data capture that SQWAD offered to the fans who opted-in while playing these games!"

Dane Rogers
Director of Partnership Services

The Results

New and engaged halftime that provided sponsor value & connection with fans.

With help from SQWAD, Real Salt Lake was able to fill their halftime with fun and engaging activations that opened up new inventory to bring value authentically to their sponsors.

  • A brand new halftime experience to keep fans engaged
  • New inventory to upsell and close sponsors
  • Ability to prove ROI to the sponsor at the end of the season

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