We help you succeed beyond activation

SQWAD isn't just a vendor, we're an extension of your team. From marketing implementation to retargeting guidance to integration & setup, we're here to ensure your success.

Personalized onboarding & training

We don't just hand you our tech and say good luck. At SQWAD we help you integrate, train, & educate your staff on our activations.

24/7 & Game day Service

We used to work in sports and know game day is hectic to say the least. If you have a game, weekend, evening, whatever. We're on to help make sure it goes smoothly.

Help With Social retargeting for ticket revenue

To ensure our teams got the most out of the insights earned on our activations we went to social school to learn how to turn emails collected into real ticketing revenue for your team.

We don't just send you a book or white paper. I (Nick lawson, the CEO) will call, drive, or even fly out to take you through our easy crash course on how to 4X to 13X your Return On Ad Sales when retargeting our insights.

We help you close sponsors too

Our goal is to have you close a sponsor for each activation. Why? Because they have a need to reach your fans digitally.

As with social we will, and have many times in the past, get on calls and even in on in-person meetings with your sponsors to help you close them.

(We used to sell sports sponsorship so we are pretty good at this part)