Common Questions

Why did you create SQWAD & these activations?

We used to sell sports & event sponsorship and quickly learned 2 things: 1. Sponsors are looking for digital assets 2. Creating those assets through an agency can be costly and time consuming. With those problems we created a suite of digital activations like Scratchers and Scoreboard Trivia to make it easy for you to activate digitally fans & close partners with new assets.

Do fans need to download a separate app?

No, our activations are web apps that plug into your app, social, website, wherever with a link. No messy API or complex integration, it’s all code-less.

How long does it take to get this going for my fans & team?

We can have your activation up by tomorrow. We’ve built our system to be extremely flexible and extremely easy to implement. All we need from you is images and prizes. Ya, it’s that simple.

I have terrible connectivity and no WiFi. Will this work in my stadium?

Yes. While we can’t fully guarantee no delay, we’ve built our activations to be really efficient on the network. If you can send a non-image text message, you can play on our system with little to no delay. We’ve activated in front of 60,000 fans all putting stress on the network as well as older stadiums with enough concrete on the outside to be a bomb shelter.

Does this help in ticketing as well?

Yes. When fans create an account they use their mobile phone number or email to sign in, helping you build your ticketing list. The more fans play the more insights you build to re-target through text, email, and social media campaigns. Around 70% of the insights earned are new to the team’s ticketing CRM system.

How do I market this?

While you know your fans best and what will work for them, we’ll help you create a plan to make sure your fans adopt our activations based on successes with other teams.

I don’t have huge game attendance, can it still be worth it?

Yes, we’ve worked with teams of all levels of attendance and seen success. Through social media and your stadium not only can we help you reach fans at a level that sponsors will value but even help you grow your attendance.

What’s the next step?

First let’s help you close a partner with this new asset before anything else. Our goal is that you don’t come out of your marketing budget for these activations. Connect with us and we’ll get you started.