Each week Nick dives into a new sponsorship tip that you
can tactically use to drive digital sponsorship value & revenue.

EP 031 | Utilizing Your Facebook Page Data To Build Context

Every team, no matter the size, has access to high-level demographics (age, location, etc.) on your social following. The importance of these demographics in sponsorship all comes down to context. They help you tell the story of why the brand should choose you to reach their customers.

EP 030 | Utilizing Text To Pull Fans Into Your Game Day

As we think about what this 'virtual' game day looks like the first step will be pulling fans into YOUR experience from the television. The tip of the week this week revolves around how you can use texting to own that experience.

EP 029 | Creating Community Change Within Sponsorship

This was a tough week for all of us, and I couldn't come to creating a Sponsorship Tip of the Week that was revenue-based. Overall in sponsorship, we have resources to enact change. This week I challenge your department to utilize those resources and have, what may or may not be, a hard conversation around how your department can take action and create change around racism in your communities.

EP 028 | Pricing Your Digital Assets In Sponsorship

Now that we are deploying a large number of digital assets, how do we know if we are pricing correctly for them? This week on the tip of the week I dive into how you should be thinking when creating prices for your digital assets.

EP 027 | Sponsor-able Behind The Scenes Video Content

We're entering a world of no fans in the stand for how long? No one really knows. What is the experience of an empty stadium? How can we help fans feel like they are still there through video content? On this Sponsorship Tip Of The Week, I dive into how you can capture behind the scenes footage of the fan-less stadium on gameday and post it to your social account to drive views (and sponsorship dollars).

EP 026 | Creating A Digital Game Day Program On Instagram

In a "No-Touch, No Fans" world certain physical items will be useless assets for us to sell. Unfortunately, the Game Day Program is one that I think will fade away. This week on the Sponsorship Tip Of The Week I run through the game day program that we all know and love and show how you can adjust the content to deploy on IG & Snapchat to still be able to help sponsors reach fans without the physical guide.

EP 025 | Creating A Sponsorship Trail To Your Game Day

On this tip of the week I run through how you should be thinking about the paths to your game day and create places where your fans can engage with sponsors on the path to the arena.

EP 024 | Using Your Twitter Feed As A Prospecting Tool

This week on the tip of the week I dive into how you can prospect new sponsorship deals from your Twitter feed by seeing who is advertising & spending dollars.

EP 023 | Driving Revenue Through A Shoutout Program

How fitting that EP. 23 of the Sports Sponsorship Tip Of The Week comes the week after the airing of The Last Dance. This week I get tactical on a campaign that makes money now for your organization & is an easy way to ease sponsors back into purchasing with us.

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