SQWAD for Car Dealerships

Turn your sports sponsorships into quality fan relationships & ROI.

Your goal isn't to just 'be seen' by fans. Our in-game fan activations help turn your in-stadium signage into qualified leads of individuals interested in learning more about acquiring a vehicle or services, as well as live, trackable ROI reporting on your sponsorship.

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The Problem with Stadium Signage.

Did you know that over 70% of sponsorship inventory purchased by car dealerships and businesses comes in the form of stadium signage?

While it may seem like a great way to get your brand in front of fans, it often falls short when it comes to generating leads and measurable results.

The Cost
to Your Dealership.

The truth is, relying solely on stadium signage for your sponsorship efforts can be a costly mistake.

Beyond the occasional fan seeing your logo, there's often little to show for your marketing dollars. In today's competitive landscape, that's simply not acceptable.

Transform your stadium signage into measurable ROI and leads.

SQWAD is a sponsorship ROI company that turns your sponsorship spend into trackable ROI through immersive digital games and experiences posted on the scoreboard.

We're your winning strategy for turning the stadium signage you already buy into a direct revenue generator.

Simply add a QR code to your stadium signage, and watch as it cultivates powerful relationships with fans and qualified leads.

No-Hassle Implementation

Here's how we help you build relationships and leads from the signage you buy.

Choose a sponsorship you'd like to maximize.

Look through your sports sponsorship portfolio and see which fan base you'd like to maximize.

We help you create an engaging activation.

Choose one of our proven activations to launch. We'll help you customize it to fit your company's brand.

Launch with a QR code, earn qualified leads.

Easily launch with your sponsored team and watch as fans engage, connect, and build a relationship with your brand.

Qualified Leads, not just emails.

This isn't another "enter to win" sweepstakes. Our activations are the perfect blend of fan engagement & lead generation.

We've carefully crafted our activations to help you gain more insights into the fans you are connecting with.

of the fans that play our activations opt-in to receive more information from the sponsor.

of the fans that play give interest information at the end of the activation (interested in new car, used cars, service, etc.)

Here's how SQWAD can transform
your sponsorship strategy

Qualified Lead

We harness the power of your sponsorship to capture valuable leads. Say goodbye to passive advertising, and hello to active engagement with potential customers.


Our advanced tracking tools provide you with real-time data, so you can see exactly how your sponsorship efforts are performing. No more guesswork; you'll have concrete numbers to measure your success.

Maximize your Sponsorship ROI

You'll finally get the results you deserve from your sports sponsorship investments. Our proven strategies ensure that every dollar you spend contributes to your bottom line.

Reports that show your ROI in real-time. So you can quantify your sports sponsorships.

Are you tired of the sponsorship guessing game? At SQWAD, we're here to make sure you never have to wonder about the value of your sports sponsorships again. In fact, we're turning the guessing game into a winning game with our campaign-by-campaign reports.

Our reports don't just give you ballpark figures; they deliver precise ROI numbers based on the fans you've reached and the qualified leads you've generated.

Say goodbye to guessing and hello to a brighter, more profitable future.

Don't let your sponsorship budget go to waste with ineffective stadium signage.

It's time to see real results from your sports sponsorship efforts.
Our suite of digital activations help you do just that from the signage you already buy.

Static Scoreboard
Reads & Signage 🏟

  • Static and non-memorable
  • Feels like an ad
  • Awareness focused
  • Limited ROI tracking

  • Grabs fan's attention on gameday
  • Relationship focused, not eyeballs
  • See real-time ROI
  • Maximizes the inventory you already buy

It's time to see real results from your sports sponsorship efforts.

Let's chat about how SQWAD can work its magic on your sports sponsorship strategy, bringing in top-notch leads and boosting your ROI like you've never seen before!