Drive real dollars to your sponsors while engaging fans with Takeout Blackout.

Reward your fans for dining each month at your restaurant partners.
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How It Works

Sign Up

Fans sign in with just their email address and agree to the rules & regulations to get started.


Fans go to your restaurant partner and buy the item on the tile from your sponsor's menu.


When fans make a purchase the restaurant simply shows a QR code to scan that blacks the tile out.


When fans black out all the tiles (purchase all the partner items) they win a prize via email.

Easy to use, easy for sponsors, easy to drive real dollars to your partners.

The Dollars Behind The Activation

Because ROI & Trackability are so important to sponsors, here's how the dollars work out for your sponsor.

If the average menu item is $12.99 🥙

And 100 fans scan (buy) the tile 🏟

That is $1,299 in sales PER TILE for your partner 💵

No guess work here. You can tangibly prove that real dollars are being spent by your fans at your sponsor's location with this activation.

We've built activations that drive dollars

See below how we've helped teams drive sponsor revenue with sponsors with some of our other activations.

"We love this platform and Nick has been great to work with. Everything is extremely customizable and easy to use. I would recommend to anyone looking to add to the fan game day experience."

Rachel Mydosh - Partnership Services Coordinator 

"Overall, it [Mobile Scratchers] was great for brand awareness...we would see direct results from the people that were actually playing in-stadium."

Nick Gates - VP of Partnerships