Sponsorship Spend Should Result In Qualified Leads.

How many qualified leads could your stadium signage be producing? We made an easy-to-digest report to see how much value you are leaving on the table each game day.

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Your stadium signage should drive qualified leads & ROI.

Your sponsorship spend should result in trackable data points that result in clear ROI, specifically in the form of qualified, segmented leads that you can retarget to convert into customers.

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Sponsorship ROI starts with qualified leads

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Sponsoring a professional sports team costs a lot of money. When you make this investment, you should be able to track the success and determine if you achieved a genuine return on your investment (ROI).

The best way to do this is to attain qualified and segmented leads that you can retarget and ultimately convert into clients of your brand.

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SQWAD is the sports partnership ROI company.

We are the gasoline you pour on your sponsorship deals to extract as much value as possible, while simultaneously being your insurance policy to know if the relationship is successful and a good use of your marketing dollars.

Easy to launch on game day, engaging with fans, and builds qualified leads and relationships with fans across your sponsorship properties.

When you get your lead report, you can see how many leads our activations can bring your brand each season.