Make Your Team Irresistible To Sponsors With SQWAD Digital Contests. 

All sports teams eventually run into the same frustrating problem...keeping sponsors happy and confident in spending their money in today's digital age.  

Fortunately, SQWAD solves this with on-demand, measurable mobile activations & contests that connect fans to sponsors digitally on gameday.

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Measurable Mobile Activations & Contests That Sponsors & Fans Love.

Today sponsors are looking for ways to connect with your fans digitally during gameday. SQWAD provides you with plug & play activations to help you close more deals through measurable, on-demand activations.

Dozens of sports teams have chosen SQWAD to win with sponsors.

Teams like the Edmonton Oilers and Seattle Sounders have harnessed our powerful mobile activations and digital contests to...  

Capture Fan’s Attention & Connect To Sponsors In Your Stadiums, Ballparks, And Arenas.

People spend 60% of their waking hours on their phones. This means fans spend over half of every game staring at their phones.  

SQWAD allows you to grab your fan’s attention back and connect them with your sponsors during breaks in your game.

Drive New Sponsorship Revenue Through Measurable Digital Assets.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from team sponsors is the intangibility of traditional advertising and the lack of measurability.  

Through measurable mobile activations and digital contests we help you bring measuarble assets to your packages & gameday... making the advertising partnership much much more compelling than a flashing neon sign.

Continue Engagement & Connection With Fan Data & Insights.

Knowledge is power. Especially for sports teams looking to keep their current sponsors and land new ones. Brands today like to know who they’re reaching in your arena. 

With SQWAD, when fans engage you earn valuable insights and data to set up oppourtunities for re-targeting for both your sponsor and your team.

Ok, So How Does It Work? 

Getting digital contests & activations up and running has never been easier with SQWAD. With our easy to use platform you can get your contests up and launched in your arena in minutes...not months. 

Choose & Create

Choose from our great activations like Scoreboard Trivia or Scoreboard Race and easily customize on our admin.

Launch On Gameday

Fans see the activation on your scoreboard, app, or social media channels on game day (wherever you have their attention).

Easy Fan Login

Quickly and easily open the game on the web (no extra app download) and use just an email to log in and play.

Play, Win, & Connect

Play the contests to win great team & sponsor prizes that are sent to their email instantly for easy redemption.

A Suite Of Contests Your Fans & Sponsors Will Love

Our contests are made to engage your fans and create an amazing first touch point for your sponsors.

Mobile Scratchers

Scoreboard Trivia

Scoreboard Live Poll

Scoreboard Race

Have you heard the word on the street? It’s good.

"It’s a reliable tool. Our fans are going to it on their own. It’s allowed us to have this system in place that we can just run with, and our fans have responded well to it."

Lindsey Gullett

Edmonton Oilers| Event Presentation Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do fans have to download an app?

Will this work in low connectivity?

Can this help ticket sales?

Nope, our activations are all web based. No app download for the fan and we can easily plug into your team app.

While each environment is different, our activation are built to run extremely efficiently. If you can send a text, you can play our games.

Absolutely, by both adding ticket incentives as rewards and re-tartgeting the earned insights teams have driven ticket sales through our activations.

Will the cost eat up all our profits?

Do I need to sign an annual contract?

How easy is it to integrate?

No way. When you add our activations to your offerings, you can expect your ROI on them to be 4x - 29x. In other words, the new revenues you bring in will be 4x - 29x what you pay us for them!

No. We offer flat fee monthly plans, no user limits, so you can offer the same flexibility to your sponsors… so you can close more deals.

So easy. Everything is plug & play, no coding necessary! Our web app can plug into your app, scoreboard, & game day in seconds.

Let's Drive More Sponsorship Revenue For Your Team.

Our goal at SQWAD is to help you drive more sponsorship revenue for your team, booth new and renewals. Grab a demo with us to see if our contests can help this upcoming season.