Make Your Team Irresistible To Sponsors With SQWAD Digital Contests. 

All sport’s teams eventually run into the same frustrating problem. Keeping sponsors happy and confident in spending their money in today's digital age. Fortunately, SQWAD solves this. Wanna give us a whirl?

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Dozens of sports teams have chosen SQWAD to win big with results like these... 

Not to name drop. But, famed sports teams like the Edmonton Oilers and Seattle Sounders have harnessed our powerful mobile activations and digital contests to...  

Capture fan’s attention when they’re at the game (but not watching it).

People spend 60% of their waking hours on their phones. This means fans spend over half of every game not watching it, but instead watching the screens in their pockets. SQWAD allows sport’s teams to steal fan’s attention when they’re at the game (but not watching it).

Become more compelling to sponsors by connecting them directly with fans digitally with a trackable asset.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from team sponsors is the intangibility of traditional advertising. With mobile activations and digital contests, SQWAD helps sport’s teams connect their sponsors to their fans... making the advertising partnership much much more compelling than a flashing neon sign.

Understand what fans want (and want to buy) through a wealth of insight.

Knowledge is power. Especially for sport’s teams looking to keep their current sponsors and land new ones. Brands, today, like to know who they’re selling to. With SQWAD, when fans win prizes, sport’s teams win too, by gaining a much deeper understanding of the folks showing up at their games.

How SQWAD Works. 

SQWAD helps you better engage with your fans, keep your sponsors happy and paying, and ultimately makes you more money through mobile activations and digital contests. Watch below to learn more 

Digital contests your fans & sponsors won’t be able to ignore.

Today, fans watch their phones just as much as they watch the game. We offer a handful of digital contests fans can participate in right from their mobile devices. Here are some of our most popular...

Mobile Scratchers

Seamlessly distribute sponsored prizes and coupons with Mobile Scratchers. 

During pre-game, half-times, commercial breaks and time-outs send your fans digital cards they can scratch to unveil prizes and coupons that are emailed directly to them for the easiest of redemption (Because you always have your email with you to redeem at a sponsor location).

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Scoreboard Trivia

Get your fans involved & keep their eyes on your sponsors with Scoreboard Trivia.

Everyone adores a good game of Trivia. The great big screen hanging from your stadium ceiling is the perfect opportunity to keep your fans engaged during breaks. Fans will see Trivia questions on the scoreboard and answer them directly from their phones to earn sponsored prizes. 

Have you heard the word on the street? It’s good.

"It’s a reliable tool. Our fans are going to it on their own. It’s allowed us to have this system in place that we can just run with, and our fans have responded well to it."

Lindsey Gullett

Edmonton Oilers| Event Presentation Manager.

But, don’t take Lindsey’s word for it. See for yourself. 

Sport’s teams are forfeiting traditional advertising and are instead adopting SQWAD. Discover how mobile activations and digital contests can help you better engage with fans, keep sponsors happy (and paying), become more enticing to new sponsors and ultimately make more money.