SQWAD for Teams & Leagues

Low lift, creative sponsorship activations that drive new revenue & upsells.

Sponsors are always looking for fresh & creative ways to reach fans and see tangible results.

We help you upsell current & close new sponsors through our easy-to-launch, effective in-game activations.

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Drive new revenue with creative, battle tested sponsorship activations.

Let's face it, your sponsors are looking to step their game up with your team each year. They need new inventory to help them stand out to fans WHILE providing results toward their goals.

Our suite of activations are fresh sponsorship inventory that enables your team to fulfill both objectives while enhancing your image in the eyes of sponsors and driving new sponsorship sales.

Easy, new sponsorship inventory to sell

Creatively crafted sponsorship activations that easily plug into your game day.

If you're looking for new & fresh sponsorship activations to pitch your partners, you've come to the right place. Our white-labeled activations plug easily into your game day during the breaks in your game.

You can customize each to fit your sponsor & team's branding instantly through a comprehensive admin platform.

  • Launch on your scoreboard with a QR code.
  • Post on your social channels with a link.
  • Plug into your team app with our SDK.

Help sponsors earn leads

Drive new value with a fun lead generation activation.

Sponsors are always looking to earn qualified leads and connect with your fans. Our activations are a powerful tool to help capture fan data securely.


Of fans that play opt-in to receive more info from the sponsoring brand.

We'll take your through our methodology.

Customer Stories

How the Chicago Bulls turned missed free throws into sponsor hot dog sales.

The Chicago Bulls had a goal of bringing new life and value to their Portillo's partnership. SQWAD was the perfect solution to launch in their arena to help drive hot dog sales through in-game engagement.

Prove direct value for sponsors

Easy to share, digestible reports to prove value & make recaps a breeze.

No more recaps where you show only views and photos. Our dynamic and digestible reporting helps you prove the value of each campaign and advocate for increased budget allocation in the upcoming season.

Send offers that drive sales for sponsors

Replace your paper coupons with dynamic offers.

Say goodbye to paper offers that litter the stadium floor. With our activations, fans not only win their offers but also receive them via email for better redemption tracking.

Save thousands of dollars on coupon production costs while increasing the amount of redemptions. A win-win!


Of the offers sent through our games are opened & used.

Hear From Our Customers

Our platform has truly transformed partnerships for teams and leagues across the globe.

“When you come to a Bulls game and see the crowd’s reaction to a Dunkin’ race, you see what an iconic part of our game day it is, the fact that we’ve been able to make it even better with SQWAD is fantastic.”

Dan Moriarty - Chicago Bulls
Senior Director of Digital

"Working with Sqwad has been such a great experience! They are always on top of things and their products always function the way they are supposed to with no errors. They are also extremely responsive, anytime I reach out to them, they always respond within a few hours and have a solution ready."

Ashley Niedzwicki - Pittsburgh Pirates
Advertising Coordinator