Built for the sports world, by sports sponsorship people.

We've been in your shoes, not enough sponsorship inventory that moves the needle for your sponsors.

Our goal at SQWAD is to create the best digital inventory to help bring value to two of your most important stakeholders: Your fans and your sponsors.

Here we are with the undefeated Cuppy Coffee 👇

Let's Keep It Real

We used to sell sponsorship and build products in the event advertising space, we know how it feels to walk into that recap meeting without true proof of ROI for your sponsors. We tried every solution out there to launch activations easily and prove ROI, but they all came up short.

So we built SQWAD, a flexible and affordable suite of digital activations that easily plug into your game day. One that focuses on making sure fans don't feel like they are being advertised to while showing ROI & value to your sponsors. It's a true Win-Win for your team.

As we grow, we'll continue to make sure our products are easy to use, effective with your sponsors, and won't break your budget.

Nick Lawson

Co-Founder & CEO

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Canela Corrales

Head of Customer Success

Lee Jorgensen

Co-Founder & CTO

P.J. Davidson


The SQWAD Pillars

Here's what we've built our company and product on.


Easy, Easy, Easy

In the sports world, you have less than no time. Our focus is always on making the product as easy as possible for your team to use, your fans to play, and your sponsors to see results.


Revenue, not budget, driven

As a team, you are a business. We believe that no matter your size, the results of launching our activations should be revenue positive.

We work with your team to help you close more sponsorship revenue through our activations so launching is a revenue generator, not a budget killer.


Stand out with creativity

Fans don't want to see the same old activation...neither do sponsors. We've built our product to be easy for your team to flex your creative muscles and create unique activations that stand out.


Support when you need it most

We worked in sports, so we know that the hours are long and unconventional. We're here 24/7/365 with any issues you have on game day and beyond. Don't believe us? Just ask our clients.

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