Our Digital Sponsorship Activations Have A 5-29x ROI

Eyeballs were never the right metric, but at least they were easy to measure. Traditional sponsors fought for what fans saw without knowing what fans did after the game. Sponsors can no longer afford to buy eyeballs. They need something more engaged. They need fingertips - it’s right there in the word “digital.” SQWAD’s digital activations let you sell your sponsors your fans’ always-active fingertips, measuring engagement, response and an average 5-29x return on investment.

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The Problem with Current Sponsorship

In-stadium fans used to be a captive audience twice over. They had to attend the game to watch it, and while they were there, they only saw what the stadium showed them. This let sponsors get complacent: slap up some ad boards, measure eyeballs, call it a win for their in-stadium marketing. Not anymore. Fans can stream every game at home or just binge on highlights. If they go to the game, they have on-demand entertainment in their pocket. You have to hold their attention or something on their phone will.  

Digital sponsorship activations can smooth things between fans and sponsors. 

SQWAD’s digital activations put your sponsors where the fans are already going - their phones - and provide what the fans are looking for: fun, entertainment, engagement. This moves the sponsorship beyond exposure and eyeballs. Fans will interact with your team and your sponsors from their seat, connecting those brands to the experience they had playing your games. Digital ad spending is up. But what do people like more: ads or games? They can get the ads at home. Your fans came to your stadium. How your sponsors engage them will be part of whether they come back.  

Advantages of Digital Sponsorship Activations

Better fan engagement

SQWAD creates new ways to build fan engagement into sponsorships. Our mobile activations connect your sponsors to your fans with games within the game: when THE game takes a break, our games take over.

Better ROI tracking and attract new sponsors

People are more savvy and skeptical than ever about handing over their personal data. The minimum expectation is not just that brands will protect it, but that first they will earn it. Digital activations make fans feel it was worth their e-mail address. In return, your sponsors will gain valuable insight into your fans, and you will be able to leverage that insight to grow your sponsorship program.

Cost effective and easy to implement

Are you ready to make your in-stadium marketing work for your fans as well as your sponsors? SQWAD is. Our games are easy to customize and launch, so you can capitalize on events from the game within minutes and view the engagement and return almost as it happens. It wouldn’t be a very good game if people didn’t win. SQWAD’s digital activations let you reward fans with coupons, promos and other exclusive deals. Coupons delivered through SQWAD have an average redemption rate of 48%. That’s not just a sale, but another measurable touchpoint between property, sponsor and fan.  

Send promotions and deals seamlessly

A digital ad is still just an ad, and fans see them everywhere. A digital game puts the fans first, and that’s the first step towards a measurable return.  

“When you come to a Bulls game and see the crowd’s reaction to a Dunkin’ race, you see what an iconic part of our game day it is, Having a partner integrated into something like that in a way that fans love is fantastic and that the fact that we’ve been able to make it even better with SQWAD is fantastic as well.”

Dan Moriarty - Senior Director of Digital - Chicago Bulls

SQWAD’s digital activations are easily customizable and responsive. Contact us today to talk about how we can connect your sponsors to your in-stadium fan engagement.

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How Our Sports Brand Activations Work

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Mobile Scratchers are a step up from a simple e-mail coupon. They add action, anticipation and a moment of discovery to a sponsor’s coupon promo.

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Your fans have been watching the game. Now let’s ask them what they think. Live Polls give fans another way to share from their seats.

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