Fan Engagement Is Changing...Are You?

Sponsorships used to turn on the CEO. If he liked a team, event, or cause, the company might sponsor it in exchange for exposure and hospitality.

Now sponsorships tie together marketing, finance, human resources, public relations, and any other business group that eyes an advantage in a property’s audience. Each of them expects quantitative results on the bottom line. SQWAD averages a 200% return because our activations engage fans enough to motivate them to action.

The Big Problem All Brands and Teams Have

Every company needs the same things: new customers, up-sells from existing customers and new revenue streams from new markets. That goes for sports teams and their sponsors alike. Rather than pursuing their goals separate from their sponsorship program, or each using the other for one-way initiatives, brands and properties can work together to achieve their overlapping goals.

Winning sponsorship activations create relationships between fans, sponsors and teams. Fans share about themselves when sponsors and teams deliver something worth their attention, personal data and time. These insights feed into the team’s ticketing operations and becomes part of their sponsor inventory. The sponsor gains direct access to the fans through the activation, and over the long-term through their data; and, through digital activations, they have the means to quantify their return in near-real time.

Digital sponsorship activations deliver brands the most valuable location in a stadium: the fans’ phones. SQWAD’s branded interactive games engage the fans’ passion and attention at a time when traditional forms of in-stadium advertising are failing to deliver returns.

All three parties have to win for a sponsorship to be a success. When two work together to improve the in-stadium experience for the third, that’s exactly what happens.

Increasing Fan Engagement Helps Your Bottom Line

Market research and marketing campaigns used to have a comfortable buffer between them. Companies had time to learn about their customers, plan a campaign and execute it while their insight was still relevant.

Sports teams and properties today have a matter of hours, maybe minutes, to recognize, activate and measure the return on a viral moment or meme-in-the-making.

Since you don’t know what’s going to happen during your game or what that shark on the left will do during halftime, it’s imperative that sports teams and their sponsors always have the pulse of their fans.

Digital sponsorship activations convert in-stadium marketing into a real-time loop of activation and research 

When teams and sponsors keep their fans digitally engaged, the fans share back with their mobile data. The sponsor and property gain a running window into fans’ habits and desires.

The sponsor learns how fans are responding to the in-stadium experience, and how that experience influences conversions and shapes their return. They can then tailor future activations and promotions - maybe even in the course of a single game - around their new insights. Each activation improves upon the last, holding the fans’ interest and growing their connection to your brand.

Our Live Mobile Activations Are the Solution

You can’t learn much about someone sitting quietly. Engaged fans are open, responsive and receptive - just like the best sponsors are 

SQWAD’s digital sponsorship activations give fans something worth paying attention to during breaks in the game. Our games connect the sponsor to the fans’ passion for the team as they prove their knowledge with Scoreboard Trivia or add their voice to a Live Poll.

The games are fully and easily customizable from the admin dashboard, where you’ll also see detailed analytics. This combination keeps you on top of whatever is driving the fans’ interest during the game and across the season. If you need to, you can launch a game within minutes.

Sponsors choose how to reward fans for playing the game. This is their chance to excite the fans about their promos, coupons, upcoming events or whatever else will bring them the best return on your sponsorship.

“This activation made T-Mobile’s first game as our Official Goal Partner that much sweeter! Looking forward to more activations with SQWAD in the future!"

Caity Sobel - New Mexico United
Director of Corporate Partnership Activation

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