Get your fans engaging during breaks in the game with Live Poll.

With our Live Poll activation you can connect fans with your sponsors and give them a reason to engage with a live poll to show on your scoreboard.

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Best for sponsors looking to:

Reach fans digitally

Sponsorship budgets are pushing toward digital inventory. Live Poll is perfect for sponsors looking to reach your fans digitally.

Increase active awareness in your stadium

Active assets are so important in stadiums today to help build recall & awareness. Live Poll is an interactive asset that pulls attention in for partners looking to increase fan recall & brand recognition.

See trackable results

With Live Poll your sponsors can see exactly who played, how they answered, and how many people played. 

Earn & collect valuable leads

Fans login with an email or phone # before playing, which allows your team and sponsors to collect valuable leads for re-targeting.

How It Works

Customize Your Poll With Your Branding

Customize the branding, questions, and scoreboard elements all on our easy to use admin platform.

Launch In Your Arena, Track, Or Stadium

Fans vote on their mobile phones and see the results live on your scoreboard.

Create & run games easily in minutes...not months.

The last thing you have during the season & on gameday is extra time. We built the easiest way for you to customize, create, and manage your contests through our easy to use admin.  

Customize branding, add questions, adjust the scoreboard assets, add prizes, and create & manage all your games easily.

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Live Poll In Action

Get Live Poll Into Your Sponsorship Packages

Teams are seeing as high as a 29X return on the cost of the activation in sponsorship revenue. Book a demo to see how we can help your team do the same.