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Customize your game day with fan feedback.

What song should you play at the beginning of the second half? What song do fans want to hear?

With Live Poll, you can get fan feedback in real-time with an engagement-driven activation.

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Let your fans pick the song. Connect them with sponsors at the same time.

The end of the 3rd quarter hits, it's time to get some fresh tunes blaring into the stadium. Just as you hit play, you stop to think "I wonder what the fans want to hear?".

Fans love to be a part of the game day experience. They love to feel like they have a say in the game. That's why we created our Live Poll activation.

Fans choose on their phone which song they want to hear and see the results right on the scoreboard. Now you can blast the crowd favorite throughout the stadium as they dance the night away.

Better yet, it's new inventory that drives ROI for your sponsors.

What's Included?

With our Live Poll, you get access to both a phone and scoreboard experience that will add new inventory and engagement to your game day. They're easy to integrate onto any scoreboard for your whole stadium to see.

Scoreboard Asset

Phone Experience

Pull fans in as they answer on their phones and participate.

Fans don't just give their feedback on what song or prize your team should give out. We've created an experience that pulls fans in further.

With each answer, fans can see where other fans voted and which song is in the lead.

It's a new engagement-driven activation perfect for the breaks in your game. Better yet, sponsors love it.

Help your sponsors build their audience and earn leads.

With each game, fans are asked to enter their email address and other info to play. We ask for qualifying questions after the experience for a more authentic way to gather info.

Our activation helps you earn and qualify leads for your sponsors and team.


of the fans that play our games opt-in to receive more team and sponsor promotions.

Add new engagement-driven sponsorship inventory while engaging your fans.

With our live poll activation, you can put sponsors front & center with an activation that pulls attention in, earns leads, and sends offers that drive in-store traffic.

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