Discover How Miami University Athletics Boosted Sponsorship Value and Captivated Fans with Scratch & Win on Game Day

Your sponsors are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to reach your fans. Sometimes...that simple scoreboard read won't cut it.

Miami University saw this problem and utilized SQWAD's Scratch & Win activation to capture value for 5 unique sponsors on game day.

See how this activation was able to help their sponsors directly reach 40% of the fans on game day.

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The Goal:
Find a way that will grab fan's attention during breaks in the action WHILE proving ROI for their sponsors.

As sponsors look for more ways to connect with fans' on game day, it requires teams to offer unique sponsorship inventory that stands out and can prove ROI for their investment.

Miami University Athletics were no different. They had 5 sponsors with different and unique business goals looking to make sure that their brand stood out to fans while being able to earn leads and send offers to prove value.

An intermission Scratch & Win was the perfect answer to wow their sponsors.

To meet this challenge, Miami University Athletics launched SQWAD's Scratch & Win to grab fans' attention and deliver tangible results. The activation not only elevated brand visibility but also empowered sponsors to engage with fans effectively, ultimately proving the worth of their investments in the dynamic world of game day promotions.

Most importantly, it provided trackable ROI for their sponsors from their in-stadium sponsorship spend.

Watch the full experience below.

Miami Scratch & Score

The Scratch & Score campaign was posted on the scoreboard during the intermissions at home hockey games. Fans scanned a QR code and entered an email to register.

Fans also had the chance to opt-in to receive more promotions from the athletics department and sponsors to drive even more value for their sponsors.

From there, Fans received digital cards that they scratched off with their fingers right on their phones. Scratching revealed team & sponsor prizes sent right to their email for easy redemption.

"This is a WIN for everyone including our partners, our fans, and enhancing our gameday experience. Big Kudos and Thanks to SQWAD for launching this promotion with us and excited to grow these types of fan engagement promotions in the coming season!"

Trafton Eutsler
General Manager - Van Wagner College - Miami University Athletics

Proving the value for their sponsors with a creative campaign.

This activation played a pivotal role in helping Miami University Athletics demonstrate tangible ROI for their in-stadium campaign with their sponsors

Sponsors gained campaign leads, increased foot traffic, and saw the direct the impact of their game-day activations.

The Results

ROI = Happy Sponsors. Driving more sponsorship revenue for the team.

With help from SQWAD, each partner was able to elevate their game day presence, forge stronger fan connections, and skyrocket their sponsorship ROI.

  • 40% adoption rate by fans attending home Hockey games.
  • 15,000+ sponsorship offers sent to fans to redeem on location.
  • 8+ minutes per game of scoreboard LED exposure per game for all sponsors.
  • Proving value for 5 key sponsors.

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