How the Pirates are using SQWAD to Maximize ROI and Engagement for Three Valued Sponsors.

Sponsors crave 2 things: Connections with your fans and proof that their partnership earned them clear ROI. If you can’t show that these were achieved, brands will take their dollars elsewhere.

Here's how SQWAD helped the Pirates achieve both of these with three top sponsors through our suite of captivating and immersive digital games.

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The Goal:
Prove ROI from ballpark sponsorship, help the sponsor connect with fans on game day.

We're entering the participation age of sponsorships. Brands today don't want to just "be seen". They seek ways to connect with fans in relevant and measurable ways on game day & beyond.

This was no different for the Pittsburgh Pirates. They were looking for new opportunities to help connect their sponsors with fans, drive participation, all while helping prove the ROI of each campaign.

The Pirates unlock ROI for their in-stadium sponsors with SQWAD.

The Pittsburgh Pirates launched SQWAD's Shuffle, Race, and Inning Prediction games across their home games to help drive participation and data capture authentically on game day.

As fans play, they receive prizes from the sponsors that are sent directly to their inboxes for easy redemption. This helped drive awareness, consideration, and reciprocity with fans in each game they played.

Most importantly, it provided trackable ROI for their sponsors from their in-stadium sponsorship spend.

Watch the full experience below.

Mrs. T's Great Pittsburgh Pierogi Race

The Pittsburgh Pirates' Pierogi Race lets fans choose their winner, enhancing their game-day experience.

Sponsored by Mrs. T's Pierogis, lucky fans have a chance to win prize packs at each game. This interactive approach turns spectators into active participants, fostering greater connection and sponsor engagement.

North Shore Tavern Inning Prediction

Fans predict which inning the Pirates will score a run in. If they win, they receive North Shore Tavern discounts!

New Era Hat Shuffle

Which hat is the baseball under? Fans choose each game and if correct are entered to win a New Era prize pack!

"Working with Sqwad has been such a great experience! They are always on top of things and their products always function the way they are supposed to with no errors. They are also extremely responsive, anytime I reach out to them, they always responds within a few hours and have a solution ready."

Ashley Niedzwicki
Advertising Coordinator

Real-time reporting helps prove the ROI of each campaign for sponsors.

With SQWAD's real-time reporting system, our activations played a pivotal role in helping the Pittsburgh Pirates demonstrate tangible ROI for their in-stadium campaigns.

Sponsors gained clear insights into campaign leads and the impact of their game-day activations. This translated to their sponsors feeling highly satisfied with their partnership investments in the team.

Our activations became more than a logo slap on a game. It helped show and prove tangible ROI for the partner.

The Results

ROI=Happy Sponsors. Driving more sponsorship revenue for the team.

With help from SQWAD, each partner was able to elevate their game day presence, forge stronger fan connections, and skyrocket their sponsorship ROI.

  • Proven ROI for each sponsor.
  • Thousands of leads generated for each sponsor to reconnect with fans long after the game.
  • Unlocked new sponsorship revenue with added inventory.

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