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A prediction game built for every fan in your stadium.

Most fans aren't professional bettors. But they're fans. They love things that pull them closer to the game.

We built our prediction activation with every fan in mind, so your sponsors can reach them each game day.

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Get creative with your prediction games. Fit with your sponsor's brand.

You're sitting in your seat right before tip-off. Your friend sits beside you as you both gaze at warmup lay-up lines as sneakers screech across the hardwood floor.

" I think #34 gets 17 assists this game."

Your friend shakes his head. "No way, he's been off lately, it'll be 6." You give him a side-eye, skeptical glare. No way it is 6, but somehow, some way, this friend is always right.

You hesitantly stick with your 17 prediction and both now are glued to the game. There is now so much more on the line than just your team winning.

Our prediction is a new way to turn the above scenario that happens at stadiums across the globe and connect it with your sponsors. It brings fans closer to the game by letting them actively participate in the live-action and win sponsor prizes.

It's new inventory that drives ROI for your sponsors.

100+ prediction combinations in one platform

This is not your normal prediction platform. We allow you to get creative with the predictions you put in front of fans.

More creativity = more value to your sponsors.

Time Prediction

What minute/inning will the 1st goal, TD, HR be hit?

First Score Prediction

Who will score the first goal/touchdown/basket?

Schedule Prediction

Predict the schedule before it comes out.

Stat Prediction

What will the team's shooting % be?

A prediction platform built to reach all fans, not just the experts.

Lines, spreads, not all fans speak in these languages. Sometimes they just want a simple game to play.

Our prediction games are designed for all fans, regardless of their knowledge of sports. You don’t need to be a sports expert to play.

Choose simple stats and game scenarios to open the experience up to your entire fan base.

Help your sponsors build their audience and earn leads.

Your sponsors don't want to just be seen by fans, they want to engage with them with 1-on-1 experiences while earning leads.

Prediction helps sponsors connect with the right audience and watch your fans engage with them in new and exciting ways on game day.


of the fans that play our games opt-in to receive more team and sponsor promotions.

Send prizes easily when fans are correct.

The only thing better than a coupon given to a fan is a coupon earned by a fan.

Our prediction activation makes it easy for your team to send out thousands of prizes to fans instantly when they are correct.

It's all done through email for easy redemption at your sponsor locations.

A new way for your sponsors to reach the right audience in a fun and interactive way

With our Prediction activation, you can put sponsors front & center with an activation that pulls attention in, earns leads, and sends offers that drive in-store traffic. Your fans will feel like they're in the action, and you'll win new revenue.

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