Keeping 5 Sponsors Connected With Fans When Games Are Postponed

When games came to a halt the Seattle Storm kept sponsors happy and engaged with their fanbase through SQWAD.

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The Partnership Goal:
How can we keep sponsors connected with fans when our season is postponed?

With little notice, the sports industry was shut down across the globe due to COVID-19. Most teams had sponsors expecting to activate and engage at their stadiums to start the season

With the WNBA season postponed due to the pandemic, the Seattle Storm needed to find a way to keep its sponsors engaged and connected with fans. The most vital item was to ensure they met their sponsor's marketing needs while bringing value that is comparable to live games.

A suite of digital activations to connect fans and drive comprable value.

The Storm worked with SQWAD to create a suite of 5 activations, one for each major sponsor, to keep them connected and engaged with fans. The games were fit to the sponsor's needs and goals in order to bring comparable value.

Each of the games were posted on the team's app with support and marketing on their social media channels. The activations ran for 15 weeks with new sponsor prizes and offers updated each week to keep them coming back & engaged.

Check them out in action below:

“SQWAD has been a huge part of our game day.

Our partnership with them has been immensely valuable to our fans, sponsors, and team...even more now.”

 Kenny Dow- VP of Marketing

The Results

5 sponsors continued their partnership despite the delay in the season.

With help from SQWAD, the Seattle Storm were able to help bring value to their sponsors that were comparable with live games.

In a time when engagement with fans is 100% digital, these activations allowed them to create assets that help them weather the storm until we are back playing games.

In addition, the Storm were able to use these as new assets to help drive more value and revenue when play did resume.

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