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Upgrade the way you get sponsor offers to fans.

Still handing out paper coupons on game day? Well, you can pretty much guarantee the redemption rates will be in the trash (along with the coupon).

Our interactive digital scratch-and-win is the most exciting way to hand our sponsor coupons to fans on game day.

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We know it's not always easy to get sponsor coupons into fans' hands on game day.

Our Scratch & Win is the easiest & most exciting way to do it.

Gone are the days of paper coupons. They’re costly to print, a hassle to hand out, and when it comes to the redemption rates you can pretty much throw them in the garbage.

Our digital scratch-and-win is the most exciting way to surprise fans with sponsor coupons on game day. Fans simply scratch digital cards to reveal prizes sent right to their email for in-store redemption. Nothing could be easier than this!

We’ve made it easier than ever to get sponsor offers into your fans' hands to drive partner revenue.

Turn a transactional experience into one that stands out and builds relationships with your fans.

When we hand out paper coupons at the game, it's boring. Fans mindlessly take it before they realize if they even want the offer.

Scratch & Win changes that to create amazing experiences for your customers.

It's more than just a sponsor coupon, it's a game that adds an element of surprise and delight to the entire experience.

Send thousands of custom sponsor offers with no hassle.

Do your different sponsors have unique coupon formats & redemption processes? Not a problem.

With our platform, you can easily upload offer images, unique coupon codes, and even unique barcodes that integrate right into the email the fan receives for easy redemption.


unique sponsors and their coupons have been customized and sent to fans through our Scratch & Win game.

Launch with a link for easy access and reach, no matter where your fans are.

Your sponsors want to reach ALL your fans with their offers. So we made it insanely easy to do so.

Our activations are mobile-optimized websites that can be accessed with a simple URL.

Add it to your team app, put it up on your scoreboard with a QR code, or post it on social media for the fans at home.

Pull in new sponsor dollars across multiple industries with fresh inventory.

Our scratch & win has been used as new inventory across multiple sponsor industries to help drive value and prove ROI. It's the easiest way for your team to close more sponsorship revenue this year with new and exciting inventory.

"We’re always looking to develop and grow in that digital space and SQWAD does just that – connecting partners with a gamification approach to our fans”

Jan Twete
Director Global Partnerships (NAR)
Wolfsburg Vfl

" The SQWAD team and platform were always flexible and allowed us and our partners to create custom games to maximize our partner activations and fan experience"

Austin Smith
Director of Sales
Columbus Clippers

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