//Digital Shuffle

Everything you need to launch an immersive shuffle experience in your stadium.

Instantly add a new, engagement-driven sponsor experience to your game day without breaking the budget.

(The custom shuffle video comes included!)

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Effortlessly launch a custom shuffle experience on game day that fans (& sponsors) love.

Nothing lights up your scoreboard and grabs fan attention like a shuffle activation on game day. It's the perfect way to fill that TV timeout break in your game.

But the animation videos are costly to make...and for all the engagement they bring, they don't earn fan emails to help build your audience and can't send out team & sponsor offers to fans.

SQWAD's shuffle activation changes all that.

Our platform allows fans to watch the shuffle on your scoreboard & play along on their phones when there's a lull in your game-day action. When they are correct, they get sponsor prizes sent to their email to help drive ROI for your sponsors.

The best part, the customized shuffle videos come free with the activation. Make as many as you want. Change it up whenever you want at no extra cost. No more high-cost animators.

It's the easiest way to add a great sponsored experience to your game day.

Here's what's included.

A set of Custom Shuffle Videos.

We'll help you customize your shuffle videos to match your team and sponsor branding (hats, cars, whatever).

This comes free with the activation.

A way for fans to play along on their phones.

Fans can play along with the game on their phone to help your sponsors connect with fans on game day. They can watch the shuffle video right on their phone!

Launch a shuffle experience that drives fan participation on game day.

The video shuffle is a longstanding tradition in stadiums across America. We've added another element to make it even more exciting & engaging.

With SQWAD's shuffle activation, fans have the chance to become part of a large-scale activation while leveraging their mobile devices to play along with everyone else in the stadium and at home.

Better yet, sponsors love to be a part of the action. It's fresh, new inventory that allows your sponsors to authentically reach your fans.

Customize your shuffle videos...at no additional cost.

Paying an animator to create shuffle videos each year can break the bank. What's worse, if you need to make changes it only racks up the cost.

So we built a way to easily create custom shuffle videos in an instant. You can customize them to whatever you want (yes, you could have a shuffling cow).

The best part, the videos come included in the cost of the activation.

(Already have a video? No problem. We can easily add it
to the phone experience!)

Easy to build & launch. We give you creative flexibility.

With our easy-to-use admin, you can customize the fan experience in minutes. Change branding, add sponsor coupons, and even customize the prize email.

Launching in your stadium is a breeze. Simply schedule the games and add prizes. Post a QR code on your scoreboard and your fans will be engaging in no time.

It's the easiest way to launch an engagement-driven shuffle experience in your stadium.

Send thousands of custom sponsor offers with no hassle.

The excitement doesn't stop when the shuffle video ends.

Fill the game with sponsor & team prizes that are sent right to the fan's email when correct.

It's a great way to bring even more value to your sponsor through the activation!


open rate on the sponsor offer emails sent through our platform.

Pull in new sponsorship revenue at half the cost of hiring an animator. Double your engagment.

Help your sponsors capture your fan's attention through the familiar formula of a shuffle video while fostering goodwill among a wider fan base. This is an entirely new way for corporate sponsors to reach fans and prove ROI, all while driving fan participation.

All at a fraction of the cost to hire an animator to make your shuffle videos.

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Get in touch and we'll show you the platform, answer any questions, and even send you home with some custom video demos you can show sponsors.